Yulia Belozersky

Writer. Storyteller. Editorial Director.

I help brands, companies and people chisel ideas into meaningful messages that sound good.

Also, I have years of experience in fashion, lifestyle, brand marketing, content creation and copywriting.

I am drawn to simplicity, elegance and clarity above all else.

I use words to uncover inspired human truths about who you are or want to become.

I imagine stories for lifestyle and luxury brands like Tropic of C, Kate Spade, Michael Kors,

Victoria’s Secret, Tech Open Air Berlin, INSCAPE and inspired startups.

I am based in Manhattan.



What I Do


Establish a true-to-you tone, vocabulary and style that ensures your unique personality comes across everywhere people interact with your brand.



Define the “big picture” brand story, content pillar themes and ideas, collaborations, editorial guidelines, calendars and detailed execution plans across your site and social media platforms.



Curate fun, full-fledged campaigns and bite-sized stories that elevate the brand and result in culturally-relevant, human-centric experiences.