AU|Rate is a modern-day jewelry brand that works with sustainable, ethically-sourced materials to create unique pieces at fair, transparent prices. A no-bullshit, edgy, sarcastic tone is a major component of what converts their fans into loyal brand advocates.




Michael Kors needed to reinforce the positioning of the Michael Michael Kors line as a luxury brand.


Editorial content franchise—Spotlight On—was launched to highlight exclusive, beautifully designed accessories in the collection. Elevated art direction, photography by Mitch Feinberg, and stories revealing inspiration and craftsmanship behind the pieces created an aura of refined elegance.



As a global brand, Michael Kors is well-known for its jet set philosophy.


Travel-themed content, profiling Kors-worthy destinations, hotels and restaurants around the world was launched to support this vision. Travel diaries were published and distributed on the Kors site, in emails and on social media. Travel-themed emails were some of the brand’s top performers. They provided additional value to the customers, giving them a reason to connect with the brand on a new level.



Watches are an important accessory to the Michael Kors brand, and they were losing momentum.


Engaging, time-stamped stories were created to re-ignite interest around the category. Watches were styled and shot in context of a woman’s life. Whether she was sipping cocktails pool-side, gallery-hopping or playing tennis in the park—there was a watch that matched her outfit. This approach allowed the brand to not only highlight important timepieces, but also cross-sell other items in the collection.